French CleanTech
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


Innovative micro battery

I-Ten : Innovative micro battery

Based in Lyon, I-Ten developed a new generation of micro battery from nanotechnology and protected by eight patent more Read more


Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine

Enogia : Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine

ENOGIA designs and produces heat to power conversion systems, based on an innovative proprietary micro-turboexpander technology with energy sources on industrial processes or internal combustion more Read more

Solaire 2G

Advanced hybrid solar PV-T system

Solaire 2G : Advanced hybrid solar PV-T system

Dualsun solution is ideal for responding to new energy efficiency regulations and is designed to transform homes and buildings into energy-positive mini power more Read more

Xor Motors

Electric scooters

Xor Motors : Electric scooters

XOR Motors is a french cleantech company which has designed an electric scooter to be both more efficient and offer greater performance than traditional more Read more


Solar electric mobility

Advansolar : Solar electric mobility

Based in Nice, Advansolar is an innovative company specialising in eco-mobility and the deployment of solar charging stations for electric cars and more Read more