French CleanTech
Water & Wastewater


Clean Water Solutions

TMW : Clean Water Solutions

The company is a water innovation startup based in Paris, Angers and Dubai. After 10 years of research and development, TMW has launched a line of water treatment appliances and thermal exchangers, all Made in more Read more


Fluidic intelligence

Fluidion : Fluidic intelligence

Fluidion™ is developing sampling and measurement solutions for applications such as water quality and environmental monitoring, oceanographic surveillance and offshore leak more Read more


When water becomes detergents

CLEANEA : When water becomes detergents

Instead of buying thousands of flacons of cleaning products, companies can now create with Cleanea their own cleaning products by using water, salt, and an electrolysis more Read more


Filtering gardens

Phytorestore : Filtering gardens

Phytorestore is a french cleantech company specialized in phytoremediation, an innovative technology where plants are used to remove water, air and soil more Read more


Desalinisation & Demineralization

3MW : Desalinisation & Demineralization

3MW is a french cleantech company which has designed a simple, robust and modular equipment that reproduces the natural water cycle. MEDC technology makes it possible to produce fresh demineralized water from sea or brackish water. The way it works is very simple, as it reproduces the natural water cycle in a compact module: evaporating the water, then diffusing the vapor into the air, and condensing it in the form of distilled waterread more Read more