French CleanTech
Energy efficiency


Competitiveness and environmental performance

Ewam : Competitiveness and environmental performance

Ewam is a french cleantech company which has developed a unique expertise in one of the major players in the global chemical before becoming an independent company in 2008. The initial goal was to build an approach combining environmental and cost reduction with resources and means optimized. The results were beyond expectations with improved environmental performance and regulatory compliance associated with cost reductions up to 100% by establishing project recovery for example. All projects over forty industrial sites in Europe, helped to generate approximately 40 million euros in savings over 5 years. Today, Ewam offers this unique expertise to all production sites of the Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy / Automotive and more Read more


A breakthrough in green electronics

Tiempo : A breakthrough in green electronics

Tiempo, located in Montbonnot, France, develops and commercializes core IPs for the design of innovative integrated circuits that are ultra-low power, ultra-low noise, ultra-low voltage, robust versus PVT variations and secured. Tiempo IP portfolio includes ultra-low power and secured asynchronous cores of microcontrollers, microprocessors and crypto-processors, and is supported by an automated synthesis tool using standard input languageread more Read more


Innovative molding technologies

Roctool : Innovative molding technologies

Created in 2000, RocTool is the specialist in the conception and development of technologies based on induction heating for the moulding of composite and plastic materials. The process created by RocTool is patented and presents numerous advantages including the reduction in production cycle times and the surface quality achieved. With a strong team of specialists, a client base who leads in their field and a model of “licensing out”, generating recurring revenues, the company has specialized in the most dynamic segments and foresees a strong growth in its more Read more