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Removal of xenobiotics present in waters

Loïra : Removal of xenobiotics present in waters

Loïra is a french cleantech company designing and building pragmatic wastewater treatment plants. It has developed a photochemical process, Loïlyse, by using light radiation to "break" the molecules of xenobiotics in more Read more


Membrane Manufacturer

Polymem : Membrane Manufacturer

Located in Toulouse, Polymem is specialised in the development and manufacturing of membranes based upon hollow fibers, as well as membrane based processes.
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Pure Sensor Solutions

Neosens : Pure Sensor Solutions

Neosens develops and markets a new generation of measuring instruments with sensors based on Microsystems technologies for monitoring and measuring the quality of water and industrial liquids. The product list includes unique and revolutionary sensors for continuous, real-time and in-situ measurement of fouling (biofilm & scale) thickness inside industrial equipment carrying water or industrial liquids, as well as monitoring solutions for continuous measurement with automatic calibration of dissolved oxygen at very low levels (ppb) in water or more Read more