French CleanTech
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Sugarcane bioplastics

Sphere : Sugarcane bioplastics

The Sphere Group is a European’s leading manufacturer of household wraps and packaging. Sphere is launching the development of a wide range of household packaging and wrapping products made from renewable, biodegradable more Read more


Innovative insulation material

PCAS : Innovative insulation material

PCAS is a french company, worldwide leader in commercial scale pharmaceutical synthesis and fine and specialty chemical manufacturing. The company has developed a silica aerogel material (ISOGEL) which can be used as high performance insulating material in various industries like Construction Materials, Aeronautics, and so on. Aerogel is a silicon-based substance called frozen smoke or blue smoke. It is composed of 99.8% air and is a stiff foam with a density of 3 mg per cm3, which makes it the world’s lowest-density more Read more


Carbon management software

Enablon : Carbon management software

Enablon is one of the world's leading providers of Corporate Responsibility and QEHS Management software solutions with recognized expertise in Governance, Risk & more Read more

CNIM Group

Flue Gas Cleaning

CNIM Group : Flue Gas Cleaning

The CNIM Group provides turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content and offers research and expertise services via its subsidiary Bertin. Its main business sectors are  environmental engineering, complex systems for defence and industry, transport, energy and life more Read more


Biogas to electricity

Bionersis : Biogas to electricity

Bionersis is a global player of the renewable energies sector specialized in landfill gas valorisation. The company generates high output of carbon-credits (CERs) by capturing and destroying landfill gas through its installations. Bionersis innovative business-model is ideally suited for countries in Latin America and in Asia and contributes directly to promote sustainable development. Since 2007, Bionersis is a Euronext Paris listed company (NYSE Alternext: ALBRS).read more Read more