French CleanTech


Innovative wall insulation

MACC3 : Innovative wall insulation

With more 40 years of experience, MACC3 has developed a concept of passive bioclimatic house and BBC (energy-saving building) claimed by an international patent. read more Read more

Pyrum Innovations

Recycling process for used tires

Pyrum Innovations : Recycling process for used tires

Pyrum Innovations has a developed a unique patented process based on pyrolysis able to convert waste tyres into solid and liquid hydrocarbon fuels and petro chemical more Read more


Ultrasonic measurement instruments

Ubertone : Ultrasonic measurement instruments

Considering sewerage management and environmental monitoring needs, UBERTONE develops pulsed ultrasonic profilers used in open channel flows (sewerages, wastewater treatment plants, small rivers).read more Read more


Heating Baseboards

Ecomatic : Heating Baseboards

Founded in 2007, Ecomatic is a french cleantech company based in the Alsace region.The company has developed innovative heating baseboards allowing to achieve energy savings between 20 and 40% compared to traditional more Read more


Vertical wind turbine

Aeolta : Vertical wind turbine

Based in Strasbourg, Aeolta developed an innovative micro-wind integrated system. This innovation is using the venturi effect generated by the slope of the roof to produce electricity without sound or negative visual more Read more